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Fantasy of All the Women: Men in Suit
“He stands there like a misfit. Look at him... look at those expressions... huh, he doesn't give a dime about it. What a dull man! I prefer a man who flaunts his jaunty side too. The more I think about his lanky uninteresting appearance, the more it agitates me. For the love of lord, why doesn't he do something about it...”
Do these thoughts creep into your head? Does it make you love him less? Oh, all those dreams you had about your lover. Stunned? Because reality turned out be a nightmare.
“Men look, Women see”: The first five things she notices about you
Men are from Mars and women from Venus – is not simply a saying with no implication. Women have an acute sense of sartorial aesthetic. As we know – first impression does count. Women have a well-defined taste; whereas men don’t care less about how they appear to be – except a few out there. Women have a keen eye for details and that’s why they choose their partner with great scrutiny of character and personality. These fragile looking, emotional creatures are way too practical than men in many aspects. Let me warn all you guys, just beware!
2017 is the year of reinventing your suit style and disposing off your old self
Do you wonder where those days of sheer admiration from your coterie of friends and colleagues have gone by? Yes, you do! And in case you don’t, it’s time you start pondering over the matter.
Paying attention to your appearance should be on your priority list in 2017, because believe me; every start should always be with a bang! Be the man who loves himself and understands the changing trends of the ever evolving fashion scenario. Craft your personality to suit the current times
Style up that suit and make yourself irresistible for her
Women like their men confident, sophisticated and somewhat intimidating. While these qualities typically exude in his personality, a lot is contributed by what he wears.
These days’ men like to keep it casual, relaxing and low. Be it a combination of a nice shirt and a pair of comfortable pants or a smart duo of T-shirt and a pair of denims, he knows how to cruise in style and flaunt his confidence in it.
Signature guide to Men’s Formal Shoes
Many people tend to dress up like celebrities and pay little or no attention to their shoes. To be frank, this habit can be a serious blow to your style statement because after all, people tend to judge you from the kind of shoes you wear, especially in the formal environment. So, you have to be extra cautious of what
Dressing Right for Office
How you dress up says a lot about your personality and style. It was easier when everybody was supposed to wear formals. However, now that office spaces are encouraging more and more casual environment, examples of inappropriate dressing in office have increased to a greater extent, for many men are just not those into fashion.
How to choose the right dress shirt collar?
Sophistication in thoughts cannot be force but sophistication in personality can be infused for sure. How? Just dress accordingly. And, nothing shouts out sophistication more than a suit. Alright, alright! Yes, it’s true that how you dress down the suit matters a great deal too. But hey, that is almost a no brainer, no?
The Basic Ways To Keep Your Tailor Made Suits Younger
The Tailor Made Suits Melbourne is no doubt epitome of style. These suits are designed to fit your unique body structure perfectly. They are such suits that look ideal for any occasion. However, there is no denying that this kind of attire costs a lot. Thus, proper caring is necessary to extend the life of your loved suit. This blog takes you through the simple tips that help in keeping your suit younger for a long time.
How to pack for a Business Trip
You need to dress well to close the deal and leave your impression, but the task of packing for official travel can leave you bewildered and bleary-eyed. If you pack the wrong clothes or do it wrongly, you could be uncomfortable on the trip or even overdressed. When packing for a business trip, especially when carrying a custom tailored suit, consider following points for a successful journey.
7 Tips to Maintain Your Suit for Long
A custom suit is one of the most expensive additions to most men’s closet. A suit is an investment in your business future and ought to be treated likewise. Here are a couple of tips to guarantee your suit enjoys a long and clean lifespan.
The Accessories Etiquettes- Must Have for a Gentlemen
It’s a myth that men can get ready in 10 minutes and a woman needs hours to get the look which is appreciated by every single human being. Male species got no less jewels and accessories than that of Female which are supposed to be worn with some basic etiquette. Being itself a well mannered wearable, The Bespoke suits should be paired with few respectable accessories.