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Signature guide to Men’s Formal Shoes

Many people tend to dress up like celebrities and pay little or no attention to their shoes. To be frank, this habit can be a serious blow to your style statement because after all, people tend to judge you from the kind of shoes you wear, especially in the formal environment. So, you have to be extra cautious of what kind of shoes you wear to what occasion.

Even though black leather shoes are the ultimate go-to shoes for every kind of occasion, experimenting with different styles is the only way to know what goes best with your suit and for what occasion. Don’t worry if you are not that into fashion or didn’t ever notice that there are actually different kinds of shoes, for we have jotted down a list of different kind of formal shoe styles in vogue to go with your custom tailored suits in Melbourne. Let’s dive a bit further into each style:

Patent Leather Shoes

Leather shoes need no introduction. These are the first shoes that we are introduced to as a child and the ones that we never get bored of, the ones that become our saviors when we are too confused or lazy to look for any other options. Leather shoes are the epitome of elegance in simplicity, and are the best for any kind of formal occasion. The only constant in our world is change but not when it comes to the good old black leather shoes.


Loafers find their origin somewhere in the moccasin styling as evident from its slip-on style, and are thus super easy to carry. Loafers can be easily matched with most of the dresses, but when it comes to a tuxedo or a dinner jacket, wearing a loafer can increase the mesmerizing effect of your dress up to tenfold.


Oxfords are the most basic, classy and second most popular dress shoes (after black leather shoes, of course). The best thing about oxfords is that you can proudly flaunt them with all kind of formal dresses and all kinds of occasions. The subtle style is the perfect pick for those who want to keep a balance between being fashion forward and simplistic.

Cap Toes

Cap toes are actually a modification of oxfords or an embellishment on top of oxfords. Cap toes are meant to add dramatic detailing on the top portion of the oxford shoes in the form of a leather band or layer. If the cap toe represents a thin, simple line of leather, you can go ahead and wear them as much as you want casually. However, more detailed bands give an extra riveting edge to the shoes and are meant only for special occasions.

So, go ahead, mix it up a little bit and indentify your true style!

Have you tried all or one of these styles, which one do you think is the best?