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The Disinterested Man

What happens when a hot women hits on a handsome man? He likes women, but seems disinterested in the women pursuing him? Why?
He knows something that…. Shh …..see the video and solve the mystery.--

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User Comment:

It's awesome! ... ha ha ha... and funny as hell. Mate, I gotta buy this one for the charm it radiates. Unbelievable that so many girls can come drooling after me!
Well, I am never gotta get out of my suit by any chance. Like really interesting! But, is it possible?
Can I attract as many eye balls as this guy in the video? Dude, I am ugly... can Signature Besopke suits really make me look handsome?
It's really cool... good to see you guys.
It's really cool... good to see you guys.
Your advertisement is wrong on so many levels. It's sexist and also displays workplace harrassment. Not to mention your suits are bad.
Agree with the above. You also need to work on your grammar throughout the website. Amateur hour.
At first i thought this guy must have been gay but obviously it was because the woman wasn't that attractive.
Best ad ever - Joel 'Money' Munro
haha worst Ad ever! can't believe this video is used to promote your business....tip on the website: fix it up, it's hard to navigate
So confused
If you didn't think it was funny...better stay in the kitchen.
What the hell?
These guys are a bunch of sleeze balls... do NOt waste your time or money
Guy has the second button done up on a two button suit and the shoulders don't fit... 'fits perfect' I don't think so.
I was considering getting a suit made for me (female). After watching this sexist video I wouldn't go near your company. Words cannot describe how inappropriate this is given today's social climate
Cruickshank, Boyer and Little
Cruickshank, Boyer and Little
Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)
Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)
Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)
Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)
My two suits were fine. Finished well and delivered quickly. Would order again.
Seriously? I was considering making an appointment but not with a sexist company like this! Sex doesn't sell anymore guys, get with it.
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