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7 Tips to Maintain Your Suit for Long

A custom suit is one of the most expensive additions to most men’s closet. A suit is an investment in your business future and ought to be treated likewise. Here are a couple of tips to guarantee your suit enjoys a long and clean lifespan.

1.   Hang to Maintain Shape

Hang your suit on a wide, well-shaped hanger after it has been worn to let it recover and drape out its wrinkles naturally. Preferably, the hanger should be broader at the ends to better fill the shoulders. Verify you have emptied all your pockets before you hang up your coat.

2.   Give a Quick Brush

Before hanging back the wearable in your wardrobe, any dirt that does accumulate during a day’s wear should be brushed off in the evening. Simply hang up your jacket & pants and brush them a couple times with a soft-bristled brush. This removes the bits of dirt before they can get ground into the material through wearing or pressing.

3.   Air is Essential for Clothes Too

It is a sin to store away your custom suit without airing it first. The clothes survive on air just the way we do. Air your custom suits out before putting them away. This disposes of any smell that may have gotten caught in the fabric.

4.   Do not Suffocate it with Plastic or Wool

Never store your bespoke suit in plastic or woolen bags as this allows the fabric to collect moisture and mildew.

5.   Treat the Stains Immediately

Treat any stain especially of food and drinks on the suit immediately with a dependent and reliable stain remover. For perfect cleaning, give your suit to a professional. In any condition, you shouldn’t try to wash it out.

6.   Regular Dry Cleaning is a Myth

The popular idea that dry cleaning is best to maintain your garments is just a myth. The chemicals in the professional process damage natural fibers of fabric and thinning them. If you rarely wear a suit, Dry clean may be as little as once a year.

7.   Do not Separate the Pair

Never split the Trouser and the Jacket. Do not wear them separately. This will result in one aging out faster than the other and you won’t be able to team them up again as a suit.