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Fantasy of All the Women: Men in Suit

β€œHe stands there like a misfit. Look at him... look at those expressions... huh, he doesn't give a dime about it. What a dull man! I prefer a man who flaunts his jaunty side too. The more I think about his lanky uninteresting appearance, the more it agitates me. For the love of lord, why doesn't he do something about it...”

Do these thoughts creep into your head? Does it make you love him less? Oh, all those dreams you had about your lover. Stunned? Because reality turned out be a nightmare. No point you sulk about it or fret over his unattractive dressing style. He is the man you love, remember!

Now take a deep breath and take on this project of crafting his persona. You have been his muse; his friend, his lover... time to be his stylist too. The effort is to be made on your part, definitely. He certainly is not going to take the pain to redefine his style. Men are lazy; except the few.

But woman, don't you just panic and blurt out your thoughts ruthlessly to him. Deep down every guy is a tad sensitive about his appearance, and you don't want to hurt him, right! So take on the subtle ways and passively urge him to transform his uncouth persona.

Not getting it... are you? Don't worry, I can assure you these tricks will work the best for him to gauge what turns you on.

Oh, no! Don't even think of taking him for shopping (it's not subtle). Not a good idea!

1.   Book a table for the two of you. Simple? Indeed, it is! But before that take him with a surprise by getting his entire look ready. Design his suit and get it stitched – made to measure. Make sure this kind of precision can be attained in a handcrafted suit. Only expert tailors such as Signature Bespoke can get you a customised look. The real task for you would only be to get all his measurements, spot on.

Once that is done, the ball is in your court. The styling part is your call. Get him all spruced up for the table you booked at your backyard for that lovely romantic dinner date. And don't forget you have to look ravishing as well. After that give him a night to remember and make him follow your commands, henceforth.

2.   Be his buddy. Watch all those sports you would never imagine to watch otherwise. Charm him with your interest in what he likes. You don't know how you can cast a spell on him through your efforts. To add to this, you can buy him tickets to his favourite sport and give him an additional gift of a handmade tailored suit. Believe me, this will make him feel special beyond measure.

This happiness will trickle down to your intimate moments and heat things up like never before.

Gracing him with the most elegant suits will reignite the lost chemistry. Making him all dapper will also need you to work on yours mojo. So don't forget to get yourself that sensuous lingerie to give him a tough competition.