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“Men look, Women see”: The first five things she notices about you

Men are from Mars and women from Venus – is not simply a saying with no implication. Women have an acute sense of sartorial aesthetic. As we know – first impression does count. Women have a well-defined taste; whereas men don’t care less about how they appear to be – except a few out there. Women have a keen eye for details and that’s why they choose their partner with great scrutiny of character and personality. These fragile looking, emotional creatures are way too practical than men in many aspects. Let me warn all you guys, just beware!

They can initially get swayed in the whirlpool of romance; that cute bum or that sexy smile but once their sanity returns, their sub conscious takes the lead. Therefore, there is a fine line between how men feel and how women feel.

To enchant women folk, men need to put in some effort and bring some alterations to their demeanor.

I am not writing this on behalf of every living woman on this planet, but I can assure you that many of them really do have an inclination towards men with these virtues.

1.   Posture

The most dominant feature which women seek in men is the way they carry themselves and their body language. Their way of walking, the way they stand and how confident they are, matters a lot to a woman. It doesn’t imply that they look for arrogance or dominance. In fact, they look for kindness and empathy as the foremost quality which is reflected best in the posture. And the posture looks refined in nothing but a suit.

2.   Looks

To be precise, eyes. It is the man’s eyes that do the great deal of trick to besot her completely. Because it is the eyes that hold the truth for each one of us; it might sound a little philosophical but that’s how it is for women. In the end to cut the long story short, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. However, it has been seen a man in a suit is way too impressive than the ordinary one.

3.   Mannerisms

A gentleman is known for the manners he possesses. The subtle behavior can be identified in the way he speaks; his distinctive style and quality; moreover his facial expression and tone. Women abhor cheeky and nervous men. To bring out the best version of you, wear a suit that accentuates your best assets.

4.   Dressing Sense

Whoa! This one is a catch! She would feel this way for you if your dressing sense is the one to die for. A woman likes a man who wears well ironed clean clothes. The dapper you look, the more attention you would get. Some like the rugged ones and some sophisticated, but all like them perfectly in a suit. Keep yourself abreast with the latest trends and renew your wardrobe every season.

4.   Grooming

Man with clean hair, well shaved beard, trimmed nails and shining teeth attract the eyes of the lady like a magnet to iron. If you are the kind who believes that grooming is only women’s business, then you are certainly dumb. Some men can give women run for their money with their well-maintained persona.

By minding these simple things in your character, you can surely win hearts of women. So let her notice the best in you.